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We administer Council Tax Reduction on behalf of the Scottish Government. It is governed by laws and regulations laid down by the government and is funded by the Scottish Government

If you are liable to pay Council Tax and your income and savings are below a certain level you may be entitled to a means-tested Council Tax Reduction (CTR), which could reduce your bill.

Up to 100% reduction of the Council Tax charge may be available after taking into account any disabled person's reduction, discounts and non-dependent deductions. There is however, no reduction for the water and sewerage charges, which are included in your Council Tax bill.

Application process

Council Tax Reduction is strictly controlled to make sure that reduction is paid to those in real need.

We will ask you to provide evidence of both you and your partner’s national insurance number and identity as well as proof of your household income and savings.

If you are entitled to certain state benefits we may not need to verify your details because this will already have been done by the Department for Work and Pensions.

If you are a tenant of East Ayrshire Council or of a Registered Social Landlord and are subject to an under occupancy charge (sometimes referred to as the bedroom tax), we will also treat your Council Tax Reduction application as a claim for Discretionary Housing Payment to cover the under occupancy charge.

If you think you may be eligible you should make an online application for Council Tax Reduction:

Apply for Council Tax Reduction

Even if you are not entitled to Council Tax Reduction you may be able to reduce your Council Tax bill if you qualify for Council Tax discount, exemption or disabled reduction. 

Calculation of Council Tax reduction

Council Tax Reduction is based on your weekly income minus your weekly applicable amount (the figure the government sets to reflect your day-to-day living expenses).

If your weekly income is less than your weekly applicable amount, you will qualify for the maximum Council Tax Reduction available, minus any deduction made for any other adults living in the house (non-dependent deductions).

Disabled person’s band reduction

A reduction in Council Tax may be possible if any resident is disabled and any one of the undernoted facilities exist within the house to meet his or her needs:

  • an additional bathroom or kitchen
  • a room used predominantly by the disabled person
  • use within the house of a wheelchair by the disabled person

The reduction takes the form of a drop in valuation band from, for example, 'C' to 'B', and is available to everyone regardless of income.

If you think you qualify please email 

Second adult rebate

You may be entitled to second adult rebate if you are the person liable for paying Council Tax and you are not entitled to discount because another person (not spouse or partner) lives with you in your property.

Second adult rebate compensates you for the loss of Council Tax discount caused by the presence of the second adult. This rebate is worth up to 25% of your Council Tax liability and is assessed based on the income of the second adult only.

Generally, a second adult would be a non-dependant who is residing with you in your home. A non-dependant could be your daughter, son, other relative or a friend.

To make an application you must be the person liable for payment of Council Tax. The amount of the rebate award is however assessed solely on the income of the second adult.

Apply for Council Tax Reduction

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