East Ayrshire Integration Joint Board

Agenda Papers for 12 December 2018

  Children and Young People's Plan 2017-20 - Annual Review 2017-18  (383K)
  Choose Life Activity - Preventative Approach  (177K)
  Choose Live Activity - Prevention Approach  (458K)
  Actions Log  (14K)
  Audit Scotland - Health and Social Care Integration Update on Progress  (30K)
  Delivery, Recovery and Transformation Plan - Community and Engagement Plan  (587K)
  Draft Partnership Forum Minute - 8 November 2018  (156K)
  Financial Management Report - Month 7  (220K)
  Health Safety and Wellbeing - 8 November 2018  (152K)
  Impact of Welfare Reform Report  (116K)
  Indepdendent Advocacy Strategic Plan  (567K)
  Integration Joint Board - 1 November 2018 - Minute  (171K)
  Locality Planning Groups Update  (34K)
  Muscoskeletal MSK Service Update  (261K)
  Preventing Drug Related Deaths  (35K)
  Programme for Government Funding for Breastfeeding  (325K)
  Strategic Planning Group - 14 November 2018  (181K)
  Update on Primary Care and Out of Hours Services Across Ayrshire and Arran  (199K)
  Children and Young Peoples Plan 2017-20 - Annual Review 2017-18  (383K)
  Integration Joint Board - 12 December 2018  (266K)
  Choose Life Activity - Prevention Approach  (418K)