Agenda Papers for 29 June 2011

  Access to Funds  (284K)
  Activity Agreements in East Ayrshire  (40K)
  Application for Funding - Scottish Cancer Support Group  (21K)
  Application for Funding - Virtual Inclusion Partners  (23K)
  Bridges and Culvert Strengthening Programme  (50K)
  Building a Sustainbale Future - Regeneration Discussion Paper  (82K)
  Community Planning Action Plan and Single Outcome Agreement Annual Performance Report 2010-11  (900K)
  Global Schools Exchange in Partnership with Sri Lanka  (21K)
  Grant Funding Application - East Ayrshire Access Panel North and Cumnock and Doon Valley Access Panel  (21K)
  Grant Funding Application - East Ayrshire South Forum on Disability  (21K)
  Health and Safety Performance Report and Annual Report 2010-11  (1.3M)
  Partnership in Practice Agreement 2011-15  (20K)
  Proposed Lease of Land and Changing Pavilion to Netherthird Community Development Group  (186K)
  Review of Golf Services  (689K)
  Social Work Stand-by Service  (36K)
  Outcome and Recommendations From the Call-in Decision of Cabinet - 1 June 2011 Provisions of Services to Gypsy Travellers  (67K)
  Traffic, Transport and Rural Safety Programmes 2011-12  (89K)
  Widening Access to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in East Ayrshire  (84K)

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