Agenda Papers for 21 October 2009

  Bridges Capital Contract  (261K)
  Budget 2010-2011 - 2012-13 - Outline Strategy  (67K)
  Consultation on the Role of Registered Social Workers  (44K)
  Determined to Succeed Enterprise in Education  (41K)
  East Ayrshire Athletics Facility Progress  (514K)
  Finance and Services Strategy Report - Period 6  (1.6M)
  Instructional Barriers to Childrens Literacy Development  (47K)
  Key Developments in Adoption and Fostering Services  (702K)
  Kilmarnock Town Centre Regeneration  (59K)
  Local Government Pension Scheme  (39K)
  Priorities for Raising Attainment in East Ayrshire Schools  (265K)
  Procedures for the Operation of the Renewable Energy Fund  (799K)
  Memorandum of Understanding Btween Universty of West of Scotland and East Ayrshire Council  (64K)
  Review of the Council Winter Emergency Response Policy  (57K)
  Review of the Councils Winter Emergency Response Policy Document  (4.1M)
  Social Work Sustainability  (146K)
  SWIA Performance Inspection Action Plan  (121K)
  Tapestry-Harvard Teaching for Undestanding Leaders of Learning  (34K)
  Treasury Management Annual Report for 2008-09 and Updae on 2009-10 Strategy  (140K)
  Winter Emergency Response - Action Plan (Appendix 1) - 211009  (30K)
  Youth Music Initiative and Instrumental Music Service  (40K)

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