Agenda Papers for 17 June 2009

  Voluntary Sector Grants 2009-2010  (72K)
  Central Joint Consultative Committee - 13 May 2009  (49K)
  Charges for Meals  (76K)
  Community Health Improvement Partnership Progress Report  (100K)
  Consultation on Future Status of General Teaching Council for Scotland  (100K)
  Corporate Health and Safety Action Plan 2009-2010 report  (39K)
  Council-Wide Strategic Self-Assessment of Performance - Improvement Action Plan  (49K)
  Cumnock Conservation Area Appraisal  (299K)
  Excambion of Land Adjacent to Littlemill Primary School, Drongan  (100K)
  Finance and Service Strategy Report - Outturn to 31 March 2009  (1.4M)
  General Equality Scheme - Progress Report  (108K)
  Introduction of Parking Restrictions at Queen Street Car Park, Kilmarnock  (492K)
  Match Fund Budget 2009-10  (32K)
  Morton Park, Darvel  (54K)
  New Sporting Futures 2014 - Charter for Sport  (180K)
  Pension Scheme - Employers Discretions  (128K)
  Playpark Investment Programme  (99K)
  Recreation Partnership Service Progress Report  (102K)
  Review of Letting Charges for Community Use of Council Premises  (196K)
  Revised Employment Policies  (119K)
  Scottish Planning Policy - SPP - Consultative Draft  (193K)
  Time Off For Trade Union Duties Etc  (51K)
  Time Off For Trade Union Duties, Activities and Training  (216K)

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