Agenda Papers for 22 April 2009

  10 Year Bridge and Culvert Strengthening Programme  (95K)
  2009-10 - 2011-12 Information Technology Capital Expenditure Programme  (295K)
  Accelerated Capital Grant  (61K)
  Affiliations to Outside Organisations 2009-10  (156K)
  Best Value 2 and East Ayrshire Council, A Pathfinder Council  (67K)
  Central Joint Consultative Committee - 18 March 2009  (64K)
  Commercial Waste and Special Uplift Charges  (142K)
  Daldorch Footbridge, Catrine - Update  (75K)
  Employee Attitude Survey 2008  (92K)
  Housing Scotland Act 2006 - Changes to Local Authority Statutory Obligations  (250K)
  Implementation of Section 11 of the Homelessness Scotland Act 2003  (63K)
  Leisure Services Capital Programme  (105K)
  Progress Report - Cross Cutting Best Value Service Review of Property Maintenance Services  (145K)
  Proposed Waiting, Loading and Parking Restrictions, Loanhead Street Area Kilmarnock  (598K)
  Revision of Circular 12-1996 Planning Agreements  (84K)
  Waiting Restrictions Amendment - Woodstock Place, Kilmarnock  (175K)
  West of Scotland Regional Equality Council - Application for Financial Assistance  (54K)

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