Agenda Papers for 2 July 2008

  Corporate Wide Area Data-Voice Network - Mill Street Fibre  (43K)
  Cross Cutting Review of the Council Policies on Charging for Services  (21K)
  Developer Contributions - Supplementary Planning Guidance  (57K)
  East Ayrshire Educational Services Accessibility Strategy  (144K)
  Community Planning Process - 2007-08 Annual Performance Report  (166K)
  Ardbeg Community Education Centre  (33K)
  Efficient Government  (127K)
  Grants and Funding to External Bodies  (64K)
  Homecoming 2009 - Event Programme  (36K)
  Name of Newly Merged Primary School in New Cumnock  (19K)
  Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme - CARS - for Cumnock Conservation Area  (42K)
  Social Services Budget Sustainability  (76K)
  Galston Town Centre Regeneration  (33K)
  Child Protection Business Plan and Children and Young Persons Services Plan  (18K)
  Proposed Corporate Enforcement Unit  (173K)
  Regeneration Projects and Budget Allocations  (110K)
  Revised Absence Management Procedures for all Council Employees  (52K)
  Crossroads Primary School - Update  (330K)
  Food Standards Agency Audit of Food Law Enforcement within East Ayrshire Council  (105K)

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