Agenda Papers for 18 June 2008

  Match Fund Budget  (31K)
  Land at Park Road, Auchinleck  (93K)
  Central JCC - 29 May 2008  (24K)
  Charges for Meals  (30K)
  Community Health Partnership Review  (484K)
  Proposed Waiting and Loading Restrictions - Bonnyton Road, Kilmarnock  (1.2M)
  2008-09 to 2010-11 Information Technology Capital Expenditure Programme  (77K)
  Cultural Co-ordinators in Scottish Schools Programme in East Ayrshire  (52K)
  Active Schools  (42K)
  Payment to Partner Providers  (18K)
  School Meals Ethical Incentive Scheme  (54K)
  Miss Bessie C Roxburgh Bequest - Proposal for Future Administration  (18K)
  Determined to Succeed Enterprise in Education  (37K)
  Single Outcome Agreement  (3.0M)
  Performance Inspection of Social Work Services in East Ayrshire Council  (35K)
  Policy and Procedures for Looked After Children  (20K)
  Dumfries House - Provision of Catering Services  (19K)
  Gender Equality Scheme - Progress Report  (645K)
  Grant Funding Applications - Access Panels  (18K)
  Onsite Service Plan  (62K)
  Music Developments and Youth Music Initiative  (25K)

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