Agenda Papers for 23 April 2008

  Roads and Transportation Division Capital Programme 2008-09  (79K)
  National Planning Framework for Scotland 2  (39K)
  Main Street, Newmilns Outstanding Conservation Area - Additional Funding Request  (21K)
  Review of Cabins and Day Centres  (29K)
  Scottish Parliamentary Cross Party Group on China  (35K)
  East Ayrshire Volunteer Centre  (26K)
  Shared Services - Joint Working in Ayrshire  (142K)
  Central Joint Consultative Committee - 18 March 2008  (22K)
  Charges for Roads Services and Parking - 230408  (104K)
  Development of East Ayrshire Talented Athlete Support Programme  (28K)
  Early Education and Childcare Funding to External Agencies 2008-09  (30K)
  Ayrshire Biodiversity Action Plan  (24K)
  Woodroad Regeneration Forum - Playpark Proposals  (217K)
  World John Lapraik Speaking Competition  (29K)
  Scottish Planning Policy 3 - Planning for Housing  (56K)
  Scottish Planning Policy SPP23 - Planning and the Historic Environment  (46K)
  Post School Psychological Services  (29K)
  Smarter Choices - Smarter Places  (42K)
  East Ayrshire Confucius Classroom  (22K)
  East Ayrshire Malawi Link  (19K)
  Scottish Government Discussion - The Future for Food in Scotland  (88K)
  Grant Funded Projects 2008-2009  (51K)

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