Community Services

Agenda Papers for 14 September 2005

  Contaminated Land Update  (24K)
  Continuous Improvement Plan 2004-2007  (33K)
  Burns Monument, Kay Park, Kilmarnock  (30K)
  Consumer Support Network  (23K)
  Rememberance Sunday 2005  (37K)
  New Farm Loch Local Office  (22K)
  Absence Management Quarter 2- Community Services  (20K)
  Landfill Allowance Scheme (Scotland) Regulations 2005  (24K)
  Licensing of Butchers Shops  (23K)
  Budgetary Control - Leisure and Protective - Services  (44K)
  Scottish Water Annual Water Quality Report 2004  (23K)
  Houses in Multiple Occupation Update  (29K)
  Improving Community Safety Implementation Group  (31K)
  Public Conveniences - Loudoun Street, Mauchline  (23K)
  Land adjacent St Joseph's Academy - Cumnock Campus  (18K)
  The Cultural Commission Report  (27K)
  Tree Inspection Arrangements  (23K)
  Budgetary Control Outdoor Amenities and Leisure Management  (44K)
  Application for Letting of Council Premises  (25K)
  Quality of Life Funding  (26K)
  Registration Service Developments  (24K)
  Awarding of Contracts - Community Services - September 2005  (29K)
  Altonhill Community Centre  (21K)
  Statutory Performance Indicators 2004-5  (15K)
  Smoking in Public Places - Implementation of Smoke Free Provisions  (26K)
  Explosives Licensing  (27K)
  Budgetary Control - Refuse Collection and Street Cleansing  (43K)