Community Services

Agenda Papers for 29 March 2005

  Application for Letting of Council Premises  (41K)
  Absence Management Quarter 4, 2005 - Neighbourhood Services  (33K)
  Budgetary Control Outdoor Amenities and Leisure Management to 6 February 2005  (68K)
  Budgetary Control - Leisure and Protective Services to 5 February 2006  (49K)
  Best Value Service Review Programme - Neighbourhood Services  (29K)
  Cemetery Memorial Seating  (20K)
  Burns Monument Progress Report  (27K)
  Awarding of Contracts - Community Services - March 2005  (29K)
  Best Value Position Statement  (245K)
  Review of Marches and Parades in Scotland  (62K)
  Budgetary Control Refuse Collection and Street Cleansing to 6 February 2005  (63K)
  Commercial Waste Recycling  (25K)
  Budgetary Control Summary Statement - Leisure and Protective Services to 6 February 2005  (75K)
  Neighbourhood Services Departmental Healt and Safety Action Plan  (115K)
  Illegal Money Lending Unit  (54K)
  Review of Council Bowling Greens  (28K)
  Race Equality Scheme Monitoring Report - Neighbourhood Services  (274K)
  Registration Services Scotland Bill  (51K)
  Leisure Development Vehicle Leases  (28K)
  Absence Management Quarter 4, 2004 - Community Services  (49K)
  Best Value Review of Leisure Services  (23K)