Community Services

Agenda Papers for 15 September 2004

  Major Grants to Voluntary Organisations (N.E.R.V.)  (25K)
  Major Grants to Voluntary Organisations - Bellsbank Adventure Playground  (26K)
  Annanhill Nursery  (24K)
  Murray Park Cumnock - Transfer of Ownership  (29K)
  Annual Service improvement Report  (301K)
  Smoking in Public Places  (46K)
  Food Standards Agency Funding for Promotion of Food Safety Management Procedures  (27K)
  Health and Safety Action Plan - Community Services  (132K)
  Budgetary Control Refuse Collection and Street Cleansing to 25 July 2004  (61K)
  Dunlop and Lugton Park Association - Project Update  (26K)
  Continuous Improvement Action Plan Review 150904  (1.5M)
  National Performance Framework for Trading Standards  (39K)
  Budgetary Control Outdoor Amenities and Leisure Management to 25 July 2004  (69K)
  Absence Management Report - Community Services Quarter 2  (45K)
  Budgetary Control Summary Statement - Community Services to 25 July 2004  (72K)
  5 Glaisnock Road Cumnock - Surplus Ground  (25K)
  Provision of Public Convenience  (23K)
  Awarding of Contracts - Community Services - September 2004  (25K)
  Newmilns Cemetery - Surplus Ground  (24K)
  Cumnock and District Leisure Group - Service Level Agreement Progress Report  (22K)
  Pre-Sale of Burial Lairs  (47K)
  Remembrance Sunday 2004  (43K)