Community Services

Agenda Papers for 5 February 2004

  Waste Management Charges 2004-05  (47K)
  Race Equality Scheme - Community Services Annual Monitoring Report  (154K)
  Sports Facility Charges 2004-05  (111K)
  Museums and Arts Fees 2004-05  (14K)
  Library, Registration and Information Services Charges 2004-05  (17K)
  Charges for Services - Community Services Revenue Budget 2004-05  (22K)
  Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 - 2004-05 Fees  (43K)
  Outdoor Amenities - Equipment Vehicle Leases and Hires  (34K)
  Dean Castle Country Park - Fees 2004-05  (29K)
  Cemetery Safety Progress Report  (25K)
  Metrological Fees 2004-05  (105K)
  Cumnock Open Air Swimming Pool  (35K)
  Petroleum Fees 2004-05  (20K)
  Leisure Development Section Charges 2004-05  (28K)
  Burial Charges and Outdoor Services Fees 2004-05  (48K)
  Awarding of Contracts - Community Services - February 2004  (35K)
  Food Service Plan - February 2004  (27K)
  Cemetery Lair Availability  (53K)
  Dunlop and Lugton Park Association - Request to Lease and Application for Financial Assistance  (28K)
  Palace Theatre Charges - From 1 April 2004  (13K)
  Pest Control Fees 2004-05  (19K)
  Absence Management - September-December 2003 - Community Services  (47K)
  Budgetary Control Summary Statement Community Services to 16 November 2003  (69K)
  Games Hall Attendances 2003  (55K)
  Grand Hall Complex - Letting Rates  (11K)