Community Services

Agenda Papers for 17 September 2003

  Cleansing - Vehicle Replacement - Appendix  (8K)
  West of Scotland Institute of Sport  (12K)
  Results of Major External Funding Bids  (10K)
  Reallocation of Quality of Life Funding  (12K)
  No Ball Games - No Golf Signs  (10K)
  Dunlop and Lugton Park Association  (14K)
  Rememberance Sunday - 9 November 2003  (18K)
  Achievement of ISO 9001-2000 Standard  (7K)
  Absence Management - Community Services - March to June 2003  (14K)
  Health and Safety Action Plan - Community Services  (36K)
  Community Services Grant Scheme  (30K)
  Dunlop District Community Company - Lease of Dunlop Village Hall  (12K)
  Recreation Partnership Project Progress Report  (14K)
  Cleansing - Vehicle Replacement  (10K)
  Healthy Living Centre Progress Report  (11K)
  Awarding of Contracts - Community Services - September 2003  (10K)
  Budgetary Control Summary Statement - Community Services to 27 July 2003  (15K)
  Rugby Development Officer - Funding Proposal  (12K)
  Statutory Performance Indicators - Community Services  (35K)
  Citizenship Ceremonies - Consultation Document  (12K)
  Introduction of 3 Bin Kerbside Box Collection Systems  (10K)
  Revised Football Development Scheme - Progress Report  (11K)