Community Services

Agenda Papers for 5 February 2003

  Accounts Commission Performance Audit of Trading Standards Appendix  (70K)
  Accounts Commission Performance Audit on Trading Standards  (10K)
  Absence Management Report - Community Services Sept-Dec 2002  (73K)
  Sports Facility Charges - 2003-04  (24K)
  Pest Control Charges - 2003-04  (5K)
  Civic Government Licensing Fees - 2003-04  (9K)
  Petroleum Fees - 2003-04  (5K)
  Proposed New Rights of Way  (487K)
  Libraries, Registration and Information Services Charges 2003-04  (10K)
  Grand Hall Complex - Charges 2003-04  (5K)
  Grants to Bands  (7K)
  National Performance Framework for Trading Standards  (10K)
  Outdoor Amenities - Equipment Vehicle Leases and Hires  (11K)
  Bing at Moorfield, Kilmarnock  (79K)
  Budgetary Control Summary Statement - Community Services to 17 November 2002  (10K)
  Museums and Arts Charges 2003-04  (5K)
  Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000  (22K)
  Outdoor Services Charges 2003-04  (12K)
  Charges for Services - Community Services 2003-04  (7K)
  Waste Management Charges 2003-04  (5K)
  Major Grants and Service Level Agreements  (11K)
  Metrological Fees - Community Services 2003-04  (13K)
  Removal and Disposal of Vehicles Amendment (Scotland) Regulations 2002  (16K)
  Revenue Estimates 2003-04 - Community Services  (8K)
  Palace Theatre Charges 2003-04  (6K)
  Surplus Ground - Western Road, Galston  (94K)
  Dean Castle Country Park Charges 2003-04  (7K)
  Excerpt from Special P & R Committee - 31 January 2003  (11K)
  Awarding of Contracts - Community Services - February 2003  (???)