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The Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 requires that a street trader licence must be held by any person or employee carrying on street trading, for example:

  • hawking
  • selling or offering or exposing for sale any article
  • offering to carry out or carrying out for money or money's worth any service in a public place

Download the street trader licence application form


If the applicant is intending to operate from a van, they are obliged to indicate at Question 3 on the application form whether they intend to operate in Wards 1-6 (Kilmarnock and surrounding area) or Wards 7-9 (Cumnock and surrounding area).

If the applicant is proposing to operate from a snack bar/trailer, they are requested to identify a specific trading location (up to four in any application) and state precisely the locality, by reference to street names and a sketch map. Prior to submitting the application, it is imperative that they obtain the necessary consent of the landowner to trade from the preferred site(s) and submit the letter of consent with the application. This extends to the use of lay-bys in East Ayrshire and you are required to obtain written consent from the roads authority governing the lay-by.

In addition, please be aware that if intending to trade from a particular location for a period in excess of 28 days in any calendar year, planning consent may be required. The applicant should contact the Planning Department for advice in relation to this (Tel 01563 576790)

Consultation period

Please note the application will be subject to consultation with Police Scotland and East Ayrshire Council’s Environmental Health Service, who will be in contact with the applicant to inspect the trading vehicle in terms of food hygiene legislation. The minimum period for consultation in respect of a licence is 28 days, however, this period may be extended depending upon the reports received.

For further information on street trading, please contact the Licensing department using the details below.

Contact Information


Licensing Board Administration
London Road
East Ayrshire
Telephone: 07557 168826