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Under the terms of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, a licence is required for carrying on a business as a dealer in non-domestic knives and swords.

If a knife can be used domestically a licence is not required. Therefore, the sale of kitchen or DIY knives will not be licensable.

Other categories which do not require a licence include:

  • sale of pen knives
  • specific knives carried because of religious beliefs
  • specific knives that are part of traditional dress, but only where the blade does not exceed 8.91 centimetres (3.5 inches) in length

Licence fee

Type of licence Fee
Knife dealer (including public notice)  £472

Apply for a licence or renewal

Online via our GLAMIS system

You can also download and print the application form below:

Knife dealer's licence application (PDF 39Kb)

Licence conditions

Knife dealer's licence conditions (PDF 59Kb)

Contact Information

Licensing Board Administration
London Road
East Ayrshire
Telephone: 07557 168826
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