Takeaway containers

Clean takeaway containers with no traces of food can be placed in the relevant box in your recycling trolley. For example, pizza boxes, foil trays, plastic tubs. If containers have any food residue then they should be placed in your green bin (landfill).


All items of clothing, including shoes, can be secured in a bag and placed alongside your recycling trolley for collection. Alternatively take clothing (clean and bagged) to your nearest local Recycling Point, Recycling Centre or donate to your local charity shop.


Resell using the free adverts in the local press, social media forums or at car boot sales.

Tumble drier

All redundant white goods should be recycled. Take these to your nearest Recycling Centre free of charge or use our special uplift service (a charge applies).

Tea bags

Add these to your food waste container, with food collected weekly alongside the recycling trolley.


Redundant phones can be recycled at your nearest Recycling Centre.

Telephone directories (including yellow pages)

Please recycle via your recycling trolley (top box).


Please take your old television to your nearest Recycling Centre free of charge or contact us for a special uplift (a charge applies).

Tetra pak

Food and drinks cartons, such as breakfast juice and milk cartons can be recycled alongside plastic bottles in the middle box of your recycling trolley alternatively excess cartons and plastics can be taken to your nearest Recycling Centre or local Recycling Point.


Do not burn tyres as this causes toxic chemicals to be released. Take tyres to your nearest Recycling Centre, We accept four tyres per visit.

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