Please place all food, drink and pet cans in your recycling trolley (middle box). Alternatively you can take all cans to your local Recycling Point or Recycling Centre.

Cardboard packaging

Cardboard packaging can be put into your recycling trolley (top box) for recycling. If you have larger cardboard, please flat pack and place beside the trolley for collection. Extra cardboard can also be taken to your nearest Recycling Centre or local Recycling Point.

Carpets and rugs

Carpets can be taken to your nearest Recycling Centre free of charge. Alternatively contact us for a special uplift (a charge applies).

Cartons (food, drinks, detergents)

Cartons should be placed in the recycling trolley (middle box). Cartons are the containers for the likes of breakfast juice and milk. Cartons can also be recycled via the plastics container at Recycling Centres or local Recycling Points.


Unwanted CD's and plastic cases can be recycled via the bric-a-brac banks at the Recycling Centres.

Christmas tree

Please take your real tree to your nearest Recycling Centre and place into the green garden waste recycling container. Trees will also be uplifted on your first brown bin collection after Christmas. All trees must be cut and bundled into four foot lengths or less.

Cling film

Cling film cannot be recycled and should be placed within the green bin (landfill).


All items of clothing, including shoes, can be secured in a bag and placed alongside your recycling trolley for collection. Alternatively, take these to your nearest Recycling Centre or local Recycling Point. Clothing can also be given to your nearest charity shop to help raise funds for good causes.


These can be traded in against a new product or alternatively take to your nearest Recycling Centre for recycling.


All green garden waste collected by us is converted into a soil improver, which can then be collected by residents, free of charge, from the Recycling Centres via our compost to go scheme.


All redundant white goods should be recycled. Deposit these at your nearest Recycling Centre free of charge or use our special uplift service (a charge applies).

Cooking oil

Used cooking oil can be recycled at the Recycling Centres. Collected oil is recycled into a biodiesel product.

Crisp packets

Please do not put crisp packets in your recycling trolley. These should be placed in your green bin (landfill).


Please take any usable cutlery to your nearest charity shop, otherwise please dispose of it in your green bin (landfill).


Butane gas cylinders can be taken to your nearest Recycling Centre.

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