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Paying your rent

If you're a Council tenant you need to pay your rent in advance every week. 

You can arrange to pay your rent every fortnight or every month, in advance, if this is how you prefer to make your payments. You should contact your Neighbourhood Housing Office if you choose to pay out with the normal weekly pattern.

Annual rent is paid over 48 weeks, with 4 free weeks. However, if your rent is in arrears you should continue to make payments during the free weeks to reduce your arrears balance.

A large amount of rent goes into repairing and upgrading our tenants’ homes. As a result failure to pay your rent limits the amount of money we have available to carry out the repairs and upgrades you may wish. 

Rent free weeks

The rent free weeks for 2019/2020 are: 

  • Week 39 - 23/12/19 to 29/12/19
  • Week 40 - 30/12/19 to 05/01/20
  • Week 51 - 16/03/20 - 22/03/20
  • Week 52 - 23/03/20 to 29/03/20
  • Week 53 - 30/03/20 to 05/04/20

Cashless payments

Our Customer Service Centres cannot take cash payments. We have moved to more efficient payment methods including direct debit, online transactions and card payments. Our Customer Service Advisors will be available to provide support and advice on alternative methods of payment.

For those customers who prefer to continue making payments by cash, this option is available at Paypoint locations. Please view our making a payment page for more information.

Ways to pay

Direct debit

One of the easiest ways to make regular Council payments is by direct debit. These are easy to set up and once in place, all your payments will be made automatically, on time, and in line with your instalment plan. Tenants can choose to pay on the 7th, 14th, 21st or 28th of each month.

We can help you complete the appropriate mandate form and we will arrange payments with your bank/building society. Direct debit mandate forms are available from any Customer Service Centres on 01563 554400.

Standing order

If you wish to pay your rent by Standing Order you will need to complete a Standing Order request form, which once completed should be handed into your bank. 

Forms are available by telephoning (01563) 576375 / 576431 / 576364 or alternatively, contact your Neighbourhood Housing Office.


You can pay online free of charge by credit or debit card or by PayPal.

Customer account

A customer account gives you access to your rentinsurance and council tax accounts online. You can view your balance and payment history online and make a payment at your own convenience.

To sign up for your customer account.


Payments can be made by telephoning 01563 554400 or by using our automated payment line – 01563 554400 (option 1). You must have your Tenancy Reference Number and credit/debit card details available.

Customer service centres

If you cannot pay by direct debit and you prefer to pay in person, you can make your payments at your local Customer Service Centre. There is no charge for this and your payment will reach your account quickly. In addition, Customer Service staff can help with queries about bills, payments and rebates.


You can pay your rent at Pay Points across East Ayrshire. Payments can be made at any premises displaying the PayPoint sign. In many cases these outlets have extended opening times, allowing you to make payments at a time most convenient to you. To make payments at these outlets, you will need a payment card or bar-coded bill.  Please note that payments using Paypoint should take two working days to reach your rent account.  Please allow for this when making payment. 

Find your nearest Paypoint location.


Cheques/postal orders should be made payable to “East Ayrshire Council” quoting your Name, Address and Tenancy Reference Number on the reverse and sent to your local Customer Service Centre. Remember to cross your cheque/postal orders.

Problems paying your rent

If you are having problems paying your rent, please arrange to speak to your Housing Officer at the earliest opportunity, who will be happy to make a realistic and affordable payment plan to help you pay off any arrears.

If you make and keep to your payment plan, we will suspend any current recovery action against you.

Legal action

If you do not make arrangements to pay off your rent arrears, or if you fail to keep to your arrangement then the Council may take court action against you.  Your home is at risk if you fail to make rent payments due.

Useful contacts

Universal Credit

You may be entitled to Universal Credit to help pay your rent.

You apply online with the DWP and you may be entitled to your Housing Costs as part of your claim. This will be paid directly to you as part of your claim and you must then pay your rent direct to the Council.

Apply via universal-credit

Contact Job Centre Plus 0800 169 0310

Housing Benefit

If you have a low income or receive benefits, you may be entitled to Housing Benefit to help you pay some or all of your rent costs.

If you think you may qualify, you need to complete a Housing Benefit application form which can be collected from any local Customer Service Centre. The form also covers your Council Tax Benefits. Visit the Housing / Council Tax Benefits webpage or call 01563 554400 for more information.

East Ayrshire Citizens Advice Bureau

The Citizens Advice Bureau can provide free, confidential advice on managing your finances, or on benefits which may be available to you. The service can also provide advice and representation relating to the legal process.  Call the Kilmarnock Office on 01563 544744 or Cumnock Office on 01290 429500 for more information.

In Court Advisor

The In-Court Advice Centre can help with benefits, negotiating an affordable payment arrangement, Court paperwork, advice relating to your arrears/eviction case and preparation for your Court appearance. For more information call 01563 549367.

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