People attending court for certain types of cases can get practical help from an advice worker based in the court building itself.

What can the In Court Advisor do?

The In Court Advisor can:

  • give you general advice about the law relating to your case and help you prepare for your court appearance
  • help with preparing Time to Pay Directions and Time to Pay Orders
  • give you as much help as possible to make sure you give the Sheriff relevant information if you have a court hearing that day
  • refer you to an appropriate agency for further assistance

Can I get help from the In Court Advisor?

The In Court Advisor is there to offer advice and assistance to people involved in civil cases who do not already have a solicitor or someone else representing them. The type of cases you can get help with include:

  • Small Claims - cases for amounts up to £750
  • Summary Cause - cases for amounts between £750 and £1500
  • Housing Cases - where they involve rented property and tenants are individuals
  • Debt/Consumer/Benefit issues

Where will I find the In Court Advisor?

The In Court Advice Service office is on the ground floor of the main Sheriff Court building, directly across from the Sheriff Clerk's office. The Advisor will be in the court building every morning and all day on a Wednesday and Friday when the civil court is sitting.

Please just knock the door and make yourself known - if there are others waiting please take a seat outside. The Advisor will attempt to see everyone whose case calls that day but this may be difficult as most cases call at 10am. It's therefore better to seek advice prior to your calling date. If you would prefer to make an appointment please phone the number below and this can be arranged.

What will I need to bring?

It's important to bring along all paperwork relating to your case, such as :

  • Court summons
  • Rent payment records
  • Contract documents
  • Proof of payment, receipts, etc
  • Credit agreements/HP agreements
  • Benefit books/award letters


Contact Information


In Court Advice Service
Telephone: 01563 549367
Mobile: 07876 878853
Fax: 01563 549341
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