Making a payment

We offer a range of payment methods to ensure you can pay your bills and invoices in the way that is easiest and most convenient for you. 

You may need to make a payment for:

Ways to pay

Direct debit

Direct debit is the most efficient and cost effective way to pay your Council Tax or rent. You avoid queues, cheques, postal orders, postage and visits to Council offices. You also have the option to choose a payment date.

If you wish to pay by Direct Debit you will need to complete a Direct Debit request form. This form is enclosed with your bill.

Standing order

If you pay by standing order it is your responsibility to put the arrangements in place. You must complete a new mandate every time the amount changes and you must notify your bank.


Free of charge via credit or debit card, you can pay for a number of Council Services securely online.

Get more information about our online payment system or make a payment


Payment by telephone can be made free of charge by credit or debit card. Call our automated payment line 01563 554400 (option 1) to make a payment.

Customer Service Centres

You can make a payment at any of our five Customer Service Centres:

Cash will no longer be a payment option

Over the next few months we will be removing cash as a payment option. Please consider moving to an alternative method of payment as soon as possible. Our Customer Service Advisors will be pleased to assist. This will be fully implemented by 12 November 2018.


PayPoints are handily located in local newsagents and supermarkets so that you can make your payment at the same time as buying your groceries or newspapers. 

Find your nearest PayPoint location

Find out more about using your local PayPoint 

To pay at your local PayPoint, you will need to be issued with a new type of payment card.

All existing payment card holders (as at February 2014) will automatically be issued with the new type card. However, customer requests for either a replacement card (lost/stolen)or brand new card should telephone 01563 554400 or e-mail

Contact Information

Customer Services
Telephone: 01563 554400
Accounts Receivable
PO Box 13
Civic Centre
John Dickie Street
East Ayrshire
Telephone: 01563 554913
Telephone: 01563 555229
Revenues and Benefits Section
Civic Centre North
John Dickie Street
East Ayrshire
Telephone: 01563 554400 (option 3)
East Ayrshire Parking Service
PO Box 26212
East Ayrshire
Business Rates
John Dickie Street
East Ayrshire
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