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Ways to pay


Online payments:

  • can be done by card (Mastercard and Visa) or PayPal
  • are accessible 24/7
  • are secure and convenient
  • have no transaction charge

For all payments please make sure that you have details of your reference number available to allow your payment to be processed.

If your payment has been successfully processed a confirmation screen will be displayed with details of your payment, including your receipt number. This receipt number is a 12 digit reference where the first four digits will be ZZWP. If you do not see your receipt number then your payment has not been successful.

We recommend that you update your web browser to the latest version available in order to continue using our online payments service.

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Direct Debit

Direct Debit payments:

  • can be set up for the following payments:
    • rent
    • council tax
    • non-domestic rates (business rates)
    • house insurance and lock up
  • allow you to choose from a range of payment dates
  • are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee scheme
  • have no transaction charge
  • can set up automated payment
  • are secure and convenient
  • are most cost effective for the Council

If you wish to pay by Direct Debit you will need to complete a Direct Debit mandate. Please contact Customer Services to request this form.


Phone payments:

  • can be done by card
  • are accessible 24/7
  • are secure and convenient
  • have no transaction charge

Call our automated payment line  01563 574057


PayPoints are conveniently located in local newsagents and supermarkets so that you can make your payment at the same time as buying your groceries or newspapers. You can:


  • have extended opening hours
  • have multiple payment locations
  • have no transaction charge
  • accept cash only
  • have a maximum transaction of £300
  • processing requires a barcode. You can find a copy of your barcode on your annual Council Tax bill or you can contact  Customer Services to receive a digital barcode.

Privacy statement

Use of this service requires you to input your personal details. For information on why we need your personal data and further rights in relation to data protection, please view our  privacy statement.

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