Rent setting

The Council is responsible for deciding how much rent to charge for Council housing. Generally there are variations which reflect the different house types and sizes.

The current structure of our rents has evolved from different historic rent setting mechanisms dating back to the old District Council’s and in some cases, County Council’s. This has resulted in varying rent charges for similar properties across the area. In addition, the practice of applying flat rate rent increases has eroded the differential between small and large houses resulting in little variation.

We have started a full review of the current rent structure. The review will take consideration of a number of factors to reach a new, transparent and easily understood rent. Tenants will be consulted and involved at appropriate stages and members of East Ayrshire Tenants and Residents Federation are working alongside Council employees throughout the review process. We will keep tenants informed of progress through our tenants newsletters.

Please contact us if you would like to know more.



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