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Sitting under the strategic lead of the Depute Chief Executive (Safer Communities) the service plays a significant role in the lives of everyone in East Ayrshire.

Caretaking, janitorial, cleaning and school crossing services are all critical to the provision of education, whilst the ground breaking emphasis the Catering service has placed on the nutritional and sustainable value of its school meals helps East Ayrshire children to make the most of their educational opportunities and supports local suppliers.

The service supports every Council owned building in East Ayrshire with onsite staff, property support and the delivery of the capital programme ensuring that the Council maintains a property portfolio that is both efficient and fit for purpose.

The service has been structured into three service areas:

Architecture and asset planning

The design and delivery of construction projects is critical to the delivery of the capital investment, wider development of the Council and achieving the themes of the Community Plan.  It is important the service engages with other services and partners to consider future needs and demands to ensure projects fully deliver the aspirations of our communities and demonstrate value for money. As noted earlier to maximise the value of this professional service within the Council a future pipeline of projects is necessary.

  • Projects Planning and Resources
  • Architecture and Design
  • Sustainability and Building Services
  • Construction Procurement

Asset and facilities support

Central to the delivery of effective operational buildings is the day to day support to allow building users and service managers to focus on the services they provide from schools to health and social care, leisure to office accommodation.  The Asset and Facilities support service bring together a clear customer focused approach to day to day services, co-ordinating on site provision for cleaning, caretaking, maintenance and user support and drive forward the whole life value of our buildings.

  • Maintenance and Support
  • Facilities Management
  • Safety and Compliance
  • Asset Information and Systems

Food and catering services 

East Ayrshire's catering has a strong reputation for fresh, nutritious and sustainable food, and has lead national initiatives around school food. Building on this approach and strengthening the value good food has within our communities the service provides a lead for driving improvement. The service reflects closely with the community plan themes supporting a fresh and local food supply chain, food education and support for careers, food safety and provenance as well as promoting health lifestyle choices


As part of the integration of the Facilities and Property Management Services, the management responsibility for School Transport and other Transport will transfer to an Integrated Transport Service. In the meantime, management responsibility for School Transport and Social Work and Community Transport remains within Facilities and Property Management.

Contact Information


Facilities and Property Management
Central Catering Unit
Rowallan Business Park
School Transport Section
Opera House
8 John Finnie Street
Telephone: 01563 576334