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Breakfast clubs

Our catering service within Facilities and Property Management provides breakfast clubs at participating schools.

Opening hours

Typical opening hours are between 8:15am and 8:45am.

This provides a great service for parents with work or other commitments.


The breakfasts are priced at £1 for each child.

Children's wellbeing

Research has established positive links between breakfast club provision, educational achievement, attainment and behaviour in school children.

Breakfast clubs can contribute to children's wellbeing by providing:

  • a healthy breakfast
  • leading to improved learning
  • attendance and behaviour at school
  • punctuality
  • healthy eating
  • social development
  • fun through play

Breakfast clubs ensure your child gets a healthy and fulfilling breakfast, free time socialising with friends and peers and most of all the very best start to the day.

Please contact your child's school to find out if they offer this service and to request any special dietary requirements. 

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