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School meals menus and price list

A smiling orange super tattie with green spikey hair, black eye mask, black belt with S on it, red gloves and boots and a tartan cape. Super Tattie is the Mascot for primary school meals in East Ayrshire. The words around Super Tattie say "Super Tattie, EExpansion of universal free school meals

Every child from Primary 1 to Primary 5 is now entitled to free school meals.

Information regarding free school meals to the remaining year groups (Primary 6 and Primary 7) will be provided later in the year.

Further food support

We recognise that money can be tight and access to fresh food can be challenging. There are community organisations supported by us that can provide guidance and support.

School meals menus

School meals menus run on a three weekly cycle. Please see our school meals weekly rotation schedule or contact the school's Catering Manager to find out what week your child's school is on.

At the moment we have reduced our menus slightly, but where available we will continue to use organic, local and seasonal produce and have designated meat-free days.

Please also note:

  • all our main meals/snacks are served with two fresh seasonal vegetables/fresh salad and a piece of fruit
  • every day we offer a pick and mix sandwich option, salad dishes, yoghurt, fresh fruit and free bread
  • all meat on offer is sourced from local butchers with our chicken Red Tractor assured halal meat

Download menus

Special dietary requirements

If your child has any special dietary requirements or allergies please contact the school’s catering manager in the first instance.

Price of a school meal

From August 2023 to June 2024 we are introducing a School Meal Crunch Deal for children and young people who pay for their school meals.

Primary schools

Within our primary schools, the menu options remain unchanged but we have reduced the price of a school meal for Primary 6 and Primary 7, who pay for their school meal, to £1.08. 

Our school meals will still be nutritious, with locally sourced quality ingredients prepared daily.

Secondary schools

Within our secondary schools, the Crunch Deal will be £1.08 for young people who pay for their school meals. Choose from:

  • main meal 
  • deli option
  • pizza/burger 
  • pasta/noodle/rice pot


  • 250ml carton of water (Radnor) / flavoured water (Radnor)
  • a piece of fresh fruit
  • soup or a yoghurt or a healthy biscuit or an additional piece of fruit 

All other items are not included in the Meal Deal and will be charged at full price.

Download the secondary school full price list (PDF 50Kb). An accessible alternative is below.

Secondary school full price list

Price list
Morning roll and chicken sausages £1.25
Morning roll and scrambled egg £1.05
Cheese quesadilla £1.05
Spicy cheese quesadilla £1.05
Rollover hot dog £2.15
Buttered toast – two slices £0.40
Soup of the day £0.55
Soup of the day and roll £0.75
Healthy muffin or home baking £0.55
Healthy cookie £0.55
Crisps £0.80
Popcorn slightly salted (20g) £0.80
Canned drinks (330ml) £0.80
Rubicon drinks (500ml) £0.80
Bottled water (500ml) £0.80
Radnor splash drinks or water carton (250ml) £0.65
Tropical ice slush drink £0.80
Iced coffee £1.00
Hot drinks £0.65
Fruit pot £0.65
Piece of fruit £0.40
Dessert £0.55

Nutritional standards for food and drink in schools

From 8 April 2021, changes were implemented by the Scottish Government to the Nutritional Requirements for Food and Drink in Schools (Scotland) Regulations.

Find out more on our nutritional standards for food and drink in schools page.

Food for life served here award

We are the longest-standing Food for Life Served Here gold award holder in the UK.

Find out more about the Food for Life Served Here award.

Menu development groups

Every year we hold menu development sessions with parents and school catering staff to help decide what will be on the following year's menus. If you are interested in attending one of these events please get in touch.

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