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School lunch menus and price lists

Menus and prices

Our school lunch menus for 2019/20 run on a three-weekly cycle. Please see our menu rotation calendars or contact the schools Catering Manager to find out what week your child's school is on.

We have a great variety of options to choose from - where available we use organic, local and seasonal produce and we have designated meat-free days.

  • All our main meals/snacks are served with a choice of fresh seasonal vegetables/fresh salad
  • Every day we offer a pick and mix sandwich option, salad dishes, yoghurt, fresh fruit and free bread
  • We offer wider choices available in academies (see daily menu boards in the academies)
  • All meat on offer is sourced from local butchers with our chicken Red Tractor assured halal meat.

Special dietary requirements

If your child has any special dietary requirements or allergies please see our allergen guide and contact our Schools Catering Manager.


Download our current school meals menu.

Primary school price list

Standard two course meal 2.15 Home baking (from) 0.35
Main meal 1.60 Yoghurt 0.45
Baked potato/snack meal 1.60 Aqua Juice 0.30
Packed lunch 2.15 Milk 0.20
Sandwich/roll 1.60 Fresh fruit (from) 0.35
Salad bowl 1.35 Homemade popcorn 0.20
Soup 0.55 Slice of buttered toast 0.30
Dessert 0.55    

Secondary school price list

Standard two course meal 2.15 Dessert 0.55
Main meal 1.60 Home baking (from) 0.45
Baked potato/snack meal 1.60 Yoghurt 0.45
Packed lunch 2.15 Drinks (from) 0.30
Baguette/wraps 1.60 Milk (from) 0.40
Sandwich/roll 1.60 Side salad 0.35
Salad bowl 1.35 Fresh fruit (from) 0.35
Soup 0.55 Crisps (break time only) 0.80

Menu development groups

Every year we hold menu development sessions with parents and school catering staff to help decide what will be on the following year's menus. If you are interested in attending one of these events please get in touch.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the menus or the school meals service overall you can fill out our online school meals survey for parents.

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