Free school meals

In partnership with the Scottish Government, we will be rolling out free school meals to all primary school children during the 2021/22 academic year and will be providing free school meal holiday support to all eligible children and young people who attend our primary and secondary schools.

Expansion of universal free school meals

In August, free school meals were introduced for P4 children. This means a two-course meal will be provided to all children from P1 to P4.

Free school meals will then be extended to P5 children from January 2022.

A short survey will then be issued to parents and carers regarding the free school meal provision. 

Information regarding the roll out of free school meals to the remaining year groups (P6 and P7) will be provided in 2022. 

Further food support

We recognise that at this time of year money can be tight and access to fresh food can be challenging.

There are community organisations supported by us that can provide guidance and support.

Any questions

If you have any questions please contact your school directly or contact the catering service at

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