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In September 2023, Mauchline Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS) began a collaboration with Archaeology Scotland Team to create a programme of educational projects.

Archaeology Scotland is the leading independent charity working to inspire people to discover, explore, care for and enjoy Scotland’s archaeological heritage. They were established over 75 years ago and have gained a wealth of experience with community engagement, volunteer management and professional best practice.

Archaeology Scotland works in partnership with all those involved in archaeology (either professionally or through local groups or individual interest) to promote awareness of, and participation in this unique resource.

It does this by providing and making accessible learning resources by:

  • delivering outreach activities
  • coordinating Scottish Archaeology Month
  • giving practical advice and support through Adopt-a-Monument
  • raising awareness of policy issues for Scotland’s archaeological heritage

In addition, Archaeology Scotland manages the Heritage Hero Awards, produces the sector-wide annual journal Discovery and Excavation in Scotland and runs the Attainment through Archaeology programmes which aims to engage and connect young people with their local heritage, raising aspirations for work and further learning, developing new skills and knowledge while improving health and wellbeing within a supportive, outdoor learning environment.

Archaeology Scotland believes in archaeology’s ability to change lives and strengthen communities. We believe in a world where everyone can benefit from the transformative power of connection to Scotland’s heritage. 


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