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The planning system operates in the long term public interest.

In distinguishing between public and private interests, the basic question is whether the proposal would unacceptably affect the amenity and existing use of land and buildings which ought to be protected in the public interest, not whether owners or occupiers of neighbouring or other existing properties would experience financial or other loss from a particular development.

Housing is the largest single urban land use. The design, quality and character of what is built will play a large part in shaping our cities, towns, villages and rural places for decades to come.

The Scottish Executive is committed to using the planning system to create stability and certainty of land supply for housing. This is an important factor for the house building industry in raising design standards. 

Creating well designed, energy efficient, good quality housing in sustainable locations is a requirement of national planning policy as contained in Scottish Planning Policy.  

The Scottish Government state  that “the siting and design of new housing should take account of its setting, the surrounding landscape, topography, character, appearance, ecologies and the scope for using local materials. The aim should be to create places with a distinct character and identity, promoting a well integrated mix of land uses including well designed homes of different types and tenures."

Further policy and advice on design is provided in Designing Places, Designing Streets and PAN 67 Housing Quality.

Successful residential places are:

  • distinctive
  • safe and pleasant
  • easy to get to and move around
  • welcoming
  • adaptable
  • resource efficient

Many suburban areas lack character, identity or variety and East Ayrshire Council is committed to securing the highest standards of housing design, be it within urban or rural locations. We have guidance available supporting this.

We also expect developers to have due regard to the principles detailed in Planning Advice note PAN 67 on Housing Quality PAN 44 on Fitting New Housing Development into the Landscape and PAN 72, Housing in the Countryside, Designing Streets, as well as, Scottish Planning Policy.

Please find a link to Planning Advice Notes at the top right of the page.

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