Local Development Plan (LDP) strategy policies on vision and spatial are listed below:

All development proposals will require to meet the following criteria in so far as they are relevant, or otherwise demonstrate how their contribution to sustainable development in the context of the subsequent relevant policies in the local development plan and Scottish Planning Policy would outweigh any lack of consistency with the relevant criteria:

(i)  Comply with the provisions and principles of the LDP vision and spatial strategy, all relevant LDP policies and associated supplementary guidance and non-statutory guidance
(ii)  Be fully compatible with surrounding established uses and have no unacceptable impacts on the environmental quality of the area
(iii)  Ensure that the size, scale, layout, and design enhances the character and amenity of the area and creates a clear sense of place
(iv)  Where possible, reuse vacant previously developed land in preference to greenfield land
(v)  Be of the highest quality design by meeting with the provisions of SPP, the Scottish Government's policy statement Designing Streets, the Council's Design Guidance and any master plan/design brief prepared for the site
(vi)  Prepare Master Plans/Design Statements in line with Planning Advice Notes 83 and 68 respectively where requested by the Council and/or where this is set out as a requirement in Volume 2 of the LDP
(vii)  Be compatible with, and where possible implement, projects shown on the LDP placemaking maps
(viii)  Ensure that there is no unacceptable loss of safeguarded areas of open space/green infrastructure and prime quality agricultural land
(ix)  Protect and enhance natural and built heritage designations and link to and integrate with green infrastructure where possible
(x)  Ensure that there are no unacceptable impacts on the landscape character or tourism offer of the area
(xi)  Meet with the requirements of all relevant service providers and the Ayrshire Roads Alliance
(xii) Be accessible to all

In bringing forward their proposals, developers will require to implement the relevant enhancement and mitigation measures contained within the Environmental Report relating to the appropriate site assessments for residential, business and industrial, retail and other LDP site allocations. Proposals failing to do this will not be supported by the Council.

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