Reuse all of your carrier bags when shopping where possible or purchase some heavy reusable bags at your supermarket. Some supermarkets will accept bags back for recycling within the store. Plastic bags cannot be recycled and should be placed within the landfill bin ( green bin).

Baths and bathroom suites

Please phone for a special uplift. There is a charge for this service. Alternatively, you can deposit at your nearest Recycling Centre for free.

Batteries (household and automotive)

Recycle car batteries at our Recycling Centres. Household batteries can be placed in a bag and tied loosely to the handle of the recycling trolley for collection. Where possible try and purchase re-chargeable batteries.


Clean sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases and blankets can be deposited within textile banks at your nearest  Recycling Point, Recycling Centre or can be donated to your local charity shop.

Alternatively sheets and pillowcases can be secured in a bag and placed alongside your black box for collection. Duvets and pillows cannot be placed in textile banks.


Try to resell using the free adverts in the local press or your local supermarket. If you have outgrown your bike, perhaps a friend or family member could use it. Alternatively, bikes can be recycled at Recycling Centres.

Biscuit wrappers

Please do not put biscuit wrappers in your recycling trolley. These should be placed in your green bin (landfill).

Black plastic

You can recycle mixed household plastics such as ready meal containers, cooked meat packaging and other similar black plastics. Additionally, plastics can be recycled at your nearest  Recycling Centre or local Recycling Point.

If you have been issued with a red or black box, mixed household plastics can be recycled via the kerbside collection.


Both Recycling Centres and a number of Local Recycling Points accept books. Alongside bric-a-brac, books can also be donated to your nearest charity shop to help raise funds for good causes.

Bottles (glass)

Glass bottles and jars should be put in to your recycling trolley (bottom box ) You can also take them to your Recycling Centre or local Recycling Point.

Bottles (plastic)

Plastic bottles can be recycled at the kerbside via the recycling trolley (middle box). Additionally plastic bottles can be recycled at Recycling Centres or local Recycling Points.


Both Recycling Centres and a few of our local Recycling Points accept bric-a-brac or hand in to your nearest charity shop to help raise funds for good causes.

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