Representation of the People Act 1983

Inspection of Returns and Declarations

I, the undersigned, Returning Officer for the Local Government elections held on 5 May 2022, hereby give notice that I have received the returns and declarations as to election expenses of the undernoted candidates and election agents:-

Candidates and Election Agents
 CandidateElection Agent 
 Ward 1  
 John Cairns  Jane Richmond
 Stephen Canning  Erica Barr
 Ellen Freel  Gerald Freel
 Wendy Hannah  Erica Barr
 John McFadzean  Susan McFadzean
 John McGhee  Ronnie Scott
 Ward 2  
 Elaine Cowan  Kenny McLeod
 Ian Grant  Irene Grant
 Allan Macdonald  Thomas Cook
 Wendy MacDonald  April May Thomson
 Maureen McKay  Ronnie Scott
 David William Richardson  Kenny McLeod
 Ward 3  
 James Adams  Thomas Cook
 Elizabeth Anne Brown  Peter Ryan
 Lillian Jones  Ronnie Scott
 Iain Linton  Iain Maitland
 Frank McNiff  Frank McNiff
 Guy Njali Bola  April May Thomson
 Douglas Reid  Iain Maitland
 Ward 4  
 Graham Barton  Julie Smith
 Graham Boyd  Morag Ferguson
 Barry Douglas  Ronnie Scott
 Trevor Grant  Stephen McQuistin
 Jon Herd  Sara Kim Donald
 Neal Ingram  Julie Smith
 Ward 5  
 Robin Bawa  Rose-Ann Fergusson-Cuninghame
 Peter Mabon  Ronnie Scott
 Clare Maitland  David Leggat
 Stewart John McLintock  April May Thomson
 Jim Todd  David Leggat
 Keyrin James Von-Döring  Keyrin James Von-Döring
 Ward 6  
 Beverley Michele Clark  Fiona MacKinnon
 Sally Jane Cogley  Nancy Morton
 Susan McFadzean  Sara Kim Donald
 Kevin McGregor  Ronnie Scott
 Lee-Anne Margaret To  Fiona MacKinnon
 Ward 7  
 Linda Holland  Ronnie Scott
 Claire Leitch  Jim Roberts
 William Lennox  Jim Roberts
 Stephen McCarron  Ronnie Scott
 David Shaw  June Hamilton
 Alyson Simmons  Lynne Vint
 Ward 8  
 Billy Crawford  Ronnie Scott
 June Kyle  Ronnie Scott
 Jim McMahon  Paul Cairns
 Jacqui Todd  Paul Cairns
 Neill Watts  Walter Young
 Fraser Wright  Stephen McQuistin
 Ward 9  
 John Bell  John Bell
 Drew Filson  Drew Filson
 Samantha Hainey  Sara Kim Donald
 Murray Hendrie  Murray Hendrie
 Jennifer Hogg  Anne Fairlie
 Elaine Stewart  Ronnie Scott

These returns and those declarations submitted, including the accompanying documents, can be inspected at the main Reception of East Ayrshire Council, Council Headquarters, London Road, Kilmarnock, during normal office hours (between 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4pm Friday) within the next two years.

Eddie Fraser
Returning Officer

Results of local elections 2022

View results of the East Ayrshire Council local elections

Voting in elections

There is now a rolling registration, which means the electoral register is updated every month, however, registration has changed to individual registration.

So, if you've moved house or have been missed from the register, you can get your new details added much quicker, and you can also register online

The local Register of Electors can be checked in your local library, at Council Headquarters, or you can contact the Electoral Registration Office (Ayrshire Valuation Joint Board) to check.

Once you've registered you can choose to vote by proxy or by post.

Proxy votes

A proxy vote can be granted to anyone who satisfies the local registration officer that he or she cannot reasonably be expected to vote in person on polling day. Examples include those on holiday, those who are ill or in hospital, people away on business and people who have moved house but have not had time to register at their new address and are therefore still on the register at their old address. Proxies may vote by post if they want to.

Postal votes

Postal votes can be set up on a permanent basis, or as a one-off in advance of any election. The video below explains what happens to your postal vote after you send it.

Registration forms

To be registered to vote you must be:

  • resident or deemed resident in the registration area
  • a British, other Commonwealth, Irish, European Union citizen or Foreign National
  • aged 14 or over
  • not subject to any legal incapacity

You can use the online registration service at to register to vote. Alternatively, you can contact the Electoral Registration Office at Ayrshire Valuation Joint Board on 01292 612221 and they can take your details over the telephone and get you registered.

You can vote in Scottish Parliament and local government elections as soon as you are 16 years old. Once you are 18 you can vote in Westminster Parliamentary elections too if you are a British or Commonwealth citizen. If you are not a British or Commonwealth citizen you are not entitled to vote in Westminster Parliamentary elections.

You can download registration forms for the electoral register, proxy votes and postal votes via Ayrshire Valuation Joint Board's website.

Forms should be printed, completed and returned to Ayrshire Valuation Joint Board.

For more information contact the Ayrshire Valuation Joint Board.

Current political composition and past election results

View the current political make up of the Council and past Council election results.

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