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Tincornhill Quarry Fund (TQF) was established to disperse funding received from Breedon Northern (formerly Barr Holdings Ltd) in relation to their operations at Tincornhill Quarry, Sorn.

A Trust has been set up, with the Board of Trustees comprising of five representatives of local communities within the Parish of Sorn to disperse these funds. Further information on the TQF can be found in their Constitution.

The Trust meets four times a year as well as holding an Annual General Meeting.

The Trust's objectives are to support projects from properly constituted organisations for long-term, sustainable environmental projects within the Parish of Sorn.  A small proportion of funding will, however, be allocated annually for floral displays/projects.

Further information is provided within the Notes for Guidance.

How to apply

The application form for funding is available to download in Word or PDF format:

The application should be returned to the Secretary as detailed below. Telephone numbers will be made available to organisations by the TQF Secretary, if this should be required, after they have submitted a completed application form. In the interim, the Secretary can be reached by post, or by e-mail at the undernoted addresses.

Historical information

The Gazetteer for Scotland has good historical information on the Parish of Sorn and also has an interactive map depicting an "approximate outline" of the Parish of Sorn.

The Side by Side Georeference Maps Viewer has an excellent selection of historical and modern Ordnance Survey (OS) maps, depicting the exact boundaries of the Parish of Sorn. On entering this site you will see a split-screen displayed, containing an OS map of Great Britain on the left-hand side, and a Bing map of the British Isles on the right-hand side.

Each of these two screens has an interactive, co-ordinate-linked cursor, which locates in tandem the precise location in one map, with the same precise location on the other map. With this accurate side-by-side comparison, between various OS maps from the past and an up-to-date satellite view, this software is very helpful indeed to anyone interested in historical research.

Contact Information

The TQF Secretary
C/O Catrine Post Office

22-30 St Germain Street