East Ayrshire Council is responsible for a number of Trusts which were established following former gifts of monies from various individuals for particular purposes. In gifting the monies to the Council, the individuals made specific conditions as to how it should be spent.

As such, each Trust has a specific clientele, some of which is restricted. Examples of the Trusts are listed below.

Miss Annie Smith Mair Trust

This Trust provides assistance to individuals in need, who were born in, or currently reside in, Newmilns.

Over 100 people have benefited from the Trust fund in recent years, through the provision of contributions to household essentials, minor home and/or garden maintenance works and adaptations, clothing, mobility and personal aids, short breaks and small donations for living expenses.

Archibald Taylor Trust

The Trust is temporarily paused during COVID-19 and applications from individuals cannot be considered at this time.

This Trust finances holidays during convalescence, for up to three weeks in each case, for individuals in need who were born in, or currently reside in, Kilmarnock.

Applicants are recommended for this by their GP. The application process is straightforward, discreet and confidential and help can be given to complete the application form and make holiday arrangements. The Trust can also provide for beneficiaries to be accompanied by a companion/carer, and for modest sums of holiday related expenditure.

East Ayrshire Charitable Trust

The above Trusts are managed by Democratic Services of East Ayrshire Council.

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