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The Renewable Energy Fund (REF) is a fund set up and administered by the Council to distribute developer contributions from wind farm developments within East Ayrshire.

Wind farms

There are currently four operational wind farms making a contribution to the Renewable Energy Fund:

  • Afton wind farm
  • Galawhistle wind farm
  • Hare Hill wind farm extensions
  • Whitelee wind farm

Who can apply

Applications to the REF are welcomed from constituted voluntary and community groups; social economy or social enterprise projects or from local authority or other agencies (only where the project is community based, is new and does not represent a substitution of core business activities).

Projects must also fit the REF criteria (PDF 307Kb). Further information is shown on the REF Settlement Eligibility Summary (PDF 421Kb)

How to apply

If you have a project in mind that you think meets the criteria, please contact Democratic Services.

View or download the REF:

Contact Information


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