About Vibrant Communities

Putting people at the heart of everything we do

Volunteering and befriending

Find out about volunteering including play, sport, health, youth work, adult literacies, active schools and befriending 

Health and wellbeing

Find out about health checks, exercise classes, walking, social groups and more 

Sport and physical activity

Information about how our young people can be active

Community empowerment

Information about community led actions plans and support to community councils and federations 

Literacies and learning

We provide lifeskills, learning and opportunities which promote achievement for adults through learning


Parental play and engagement

Information about our regular play events such as menzone, grounds 4 play, play-times and more


Find out about community events that are happening in your area 

Community investment and funding

Help and advice on funding for voluntary, community groups and organisations

Youth empowerment

Help and support for families to take part in positive activities



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