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Activity on Prescription (AOP) is a scheme that allows professionals to refer people who are in need of support to get involved in physical activity, lose weight or improve their mental health.

We work with GP Surgeries, NHS Ayrshire & Arran’s Health and Active Rehabilitation Programme (HARP) and health professionals to deliver a range of activities to help people living with long term conditions be active and manage their health. We have classes that suit all abilities and can help you make a positive change in your life.


When we receive your referral from the GP or health professional, we will contact you to arrange a consultation. Once we have completed the questionnaires or carried out the assessments we need to, we will refer you on to your classes where you will be met by one of the members of the Lifestyle Development and Community Wellbeing Team.

To be eligible for the programme you must be either:

  • living with a long term medical condition
  • not meeting the UK Chief Medical Officer guidelines for activity

The UK Chief Medical guidelines show that you should aim to be active for 150 minutes or more every week. That works out at 30 minutes over five days.

View the UK Government's infographic:  Physical activity for adults and older people (PDF 550Kb).

Top tips to be more active

Starting activity can be as simple as doing some exercises in the home, going for a walk or looking out your bike can. Our top tips would be:

  • find an activity you enjoy so it doesn’t seem like a chore
  • split your activity up over the course of a day, you don’t have to do it all at once
  • start off slow and build up
  • remember, some is good, more is better
  • have a goal in your head before you start as this helps you stay motivated
  • remember to drink plenty of water, aiming for two litres of water per day 

AOP programme

The classes that we deliver as part of the AOP programme are listed below.


This is our Falls Prevention programme. Our staff have been trained by specialists at Later Life Training.

Our Invigor8 classes follow a research based falls prevention programme which has been proven to reduce the number of falls in the elderly.

Participants who have been experiencing frequent falls or those at risk off falls which includes those diagnosed with Osteoporosis are referred to us by health professionals or they can also self-refer to classes.

The classes work on improving muscle strength and balance for participants and also teach them a safe way to get back up from the floor should they have a fall.

An increase in confidence levels is reported by those who attend and substantial improvements in balance and strength are also noted when the participants are reassessed at a later date.


Our Motiv8 classes can be a follow on to the Invigor8 classes as people improve or can be an entry point for those with a higher level of mobility.

These classes are circuit based (a series of different exercises spaced around the room where participants move from exercise to exercise at timed intervals). Prior to the circuit there is a group based warm up and following the circuit is a group based cool down and stretch.

These Motiv8 classes are suitable for people with wide ranging medical conditions and are helpful in the management of long term conditions. Participants report enjoying the music which accompanies the class and find it very motivational to get them moving.

Preventing falls

For information and advice about preventing falls and how to deal with them, visit preventing falls amongst older people.

Community health activity team (CHAT) video

Watch our video about the activities our CHAT team deliver to help improve the health and wellbeing of the people who live in our communities.

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