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Preventing falls

Preventing falls starts with identifying what makes you more likely to have a fall and then helping yourself by following the advice below which has been proved to reduce the likelihood of a fall happening.

You can help yourself to manage the risks of falling which are related to your health, wellbeing and environment.

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Information and advice about preventing falls

For more advice you can also download our information and advice about preventing falls brochure (PDF 2.67Mb),

Dealing with a fall

For full advice on what to do and how to get help if you fall, visit the NHS Inform: What to do if you fall.

The website also includes the following film clips which are worth watching.

Upwards and onwards film

In this film, viewers hear from people who’ve been through it themselves about how to get up after a fall, and what to do if you’re hurt or can’t get up. Viewers can watch the full 20-minute film, or chose an excerpt:

  • Part One: How to get up (9m 25s)
  • Part Two: If you can’t get up (4m 36s)
  • Part Three: Every fall is different (3m 37s)
  • Part Four: Prevent (3m 2s)

What to do if someone falls film

In this film (7m 53s), viewers hear from people who’ve been through it themselves about what to do if you’re helping someone who has fallen.

What to do if someone falls leaflet

There is also a downloadable leaflet (A4 folded to A5) about helping someone who has fallen.

After a fall

A fall can leave you feeling shaken up and can cause you to become less active and more cautious and withdrawn. You might stop doing things you enjoy, lose confidence in your abilities or feel anxious and on edge.

If you've had a fall, talk to your GP practice, or another health professional - such as a physiotherapist or occupational therapist - even if you're not hurt. Many of the underlying causes of falls can be treated or corrected.

Find out when and where to get help and support on the NHS Inform: When and where to get help.

Telecare self-check online tool

Telecare services can be installed to provide a connection with the outside world in the event of a fall.

Visit the NHS Inform Telecare self-check online tool to find the right support for you in your area. This easy to use online tool allows you to find helpful information on telecare services that could help you live independently at home for longer.

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