In recent years there has been increased recognition of the importance of the role of volunteers in the delivery of a wide range of services within East Ayrshire Council.

The Council has taken great steps forward in ensuring that both the volunteers and their beneficiaries get the most out of the volunteering experience. As a mark of its commitment to volunteers Vibrant Communities adheres to the conditions laid out in the Volunteer Friendly Award and endeavors to ensure that volunteering is carried out in a safe and positive manner.

Definition of Volunteering

The definition of a volunteer currently used by the Scottish Government and subscribed to by East Ayrshire Council is:

‘the giving of time and energy through a third party, which can bring measurable benefits to the volunteer, individual beneficiaries, groups or organisations, communities, environment and society at large.  It is a choice undertaken by one’s own free will, and is not motivated primarily for financial gain or for a wage or salary.’

This definition encompasses both formal and informal volunteering.  Formal volunteering refers to activities where unpaid help is undertaken through a group, club, charity or other organisation, to help others or to help a cause In contrast, informal volunteering refers to unpaid help given directly to people; who are not relatives; or as part of a wider community activity in response to an identified issue or need.

Benefits of Volunteering

People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons and the benefits to everyone are as varied. Volunteers may experience a number of benefits such as higher self-esteem, access to a wider social circle or gaining new skills/experience.  Volunteering can also help people gain experience that may be useful when applying for employment.

For general information on volunteering with Vibrant Communities contact Lorraine Dick on 01563 576720.

More and more people are getting involved in their communities as volunteers, offering their time and energy to improve the quality of life for themselves and others.

Volunteering provides a huge range of opportunities with the chance to:

  • build new skills
  • meet new people
  • use your skills to benefit others
  • gain valuable voluntary work experience

Volunteer Centre East Ayrshire

Volunteer Centre East Ayrshire can provide information for voluntary groups in East Ayrshire who are looking for volunteers or for individuals who wish to volunteer.

Services provided include:

  • access to local and national database of volunteering opportunities
  • drop-in centre in Kilmarnock town centre and Cumnock for people wishing to volunteer
  • advice and training sessions on the disclosure system for individuals and groups
  • hints and tips on recruiting and retaining volunteers

A list of volunteering opportunities is available at Volunteer Scotland.

If you are interested in volunteering within the East Ayrshire area please phone 01563 544765 or email volunteer@eav.org.uk| for further information.

East Ayrshire Council of Voluntary Organisations (CVEO

East Ayrshire Council of Voluntary Organisations (CVOEA) can provide information for voluntary groups in East Ayrshire or for individuals who wish to volunteer. The services provided include:

  • assistance with funding applications
  • assistance with development of constitutions
  • access to trust fund information and fund finder
  • access to typing services and photocopying facilities
  • training for management committee and volunteers



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