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Summer school

Young boys in a school gym hall, sitting on activity benches, standing on climbing frames and hanging upside down on a metal poleIn April 2022, Mauchline Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS) appointed our Creative Minds Team to establish a partnership between:

  • Mauchline Primary School pupils
  • Creative practitioners
  • East Ayrshire Leisure Trust employees
  • Health and Safety

Project overview

Funded and supported by Mauchline Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS), Zara Smith, Cultural Coordinator Dance and Movement, from the Creative Minds Team facilitated a week long dance and Parkour summer school in Mauchline primary for young people from the town.

Working with professional dance artists, Louise Chudleigh and Carrie Craggs and expert Parkour tutor, Scott Houston, they created repertoire which was carried out at iconic locations across Mauchline. Young people worked with digital specialists Prancing Jack Productions to capture footage on a journey around the village showcasing the wonderful heritage we have in our own town.

The week culminated in a spectacular performance in Mauchline primary in front of friends and family. The young people developed friendships across peer groups and grew in appreciation for their beautiful towns, whilst creating lasting memories and improving their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Parkour through Mauchline video

Watch a video of Parkour through Mauchline.




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