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School heritage awareness course

March 2023Mauchline CARS Out of This World Group Picture

Mauchline CARS collaborated with East Ayrshire Council’s Creative Minds Team to deliver a Heritage Awareness Course.

“Out of This World” is based on existing artefacts displayed in local museums, namely Burns House Museum.

Through the creation of an original song by Paul Brunton and Bea Clark, the pupils of Mauchline Primary School were able to learn about the characters and stories of the history of Mauchline. From the Melrose Monks to the Loudon Spout, through characters such as Poosie Nansie, Holy Willie, the Gallant Weaver and tales of the mysterious burning down of the Boxworks, Mauchline school pupils now have a further understanding of the history of where they live.

To ensure a lasting legacy, creative practitioners will create a format and resources and host a professional learning opportunity for teachers so that they are confidently able to replicate the heritage awareness course with subsequent year groups.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who were involved, this was a great project for the young people of Mauchline to experience how our heritage can influence our creativity.

Visit our Facebook page to see pictures and videos from the project.

Training course video

Watch the Heritage Awareness Course Out of This World video on Mauchline CARS Instagram.

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