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Ayrshire Growth Deal logoThe Working for a Healthy Economy project commenced in May 2021 as part of the Ayrshire Growth Deal (AGD).

This project is for anyone who lives or works in Ayrshire and is struggling with health and work, supporting:

  • unemployed individuals with health barriers to work
  • employees/self employed people who are absent from work and looking to return
  • employees/self employed people who are attending work but experiencing difficulties
  • employers to support and retain their valuable workforce
  • engaging directly with individuals to manage and improve their health circumstances, increasing their ability to gain and/or sustain work

Support for communities

Providing support directly to individuals, you can benefit from engaging with a qualified and experienced NHS Health Professional who will support you to explore your health, wellbeing and any difficult circumstances you may find yourself in.

The team comprises of nurses and mental health professionals who will support you in a holistic way to manage health conditions and make progress with current circumstances. Where appropriate, we may refer to receive a treatment such as counselling, physiotherapy or an alternative relaxation therapy.

You can receive support if you have been experiencing difficulty with your:

  • physical health and pain
  • mental and emotional wellbeing
  • complex social circumstances

All support is confidential, tailored to individual needs and free of charge at the point of use.

Support for businesses

As an employer, you can support your workforce by utilising the service to:

  • support employees who may be experiencing difficulties attending or returning to work
  • integrate the service into your absence management procedures, encouraging early engagement to achieve a reduced absence length and a sustainable return
  • offer your workforce an employee assistance programme at no direct cost to your business

Don’t wait until absences become problematic. The service offers a flexible support model to ensure the right individual level of support.

In addition to referring/encouraging self-referral for support, you can also access:

  • workplace wellness sessions
  • support with absence policy

Triage tool

If starting the conversation is difficult, try using our short triage tool.

If any single three is scored or a combination score of over five, it is likely that you/your staff member would benefit from a referral to the service.

How well are you able to manage daily activities?

For example, housework, family or leisure activities.

1 - No problem

2 - Some problems

3 - I have problems managing my usual activities

Thinking of pain and discomfort, please indicate your current levels

1 - No pain and/or discomfort

2 - Some pain and/or discomfort

3 - I regularly experience pain and/or discomfort

Do you regularly experience feelings of anxiety and/or depression?

1 - No anxiety and/or depression

2 - Some anxiety and/or depression

3 - I regularly experience anxiety and/or depression

How to access the service

For more information and to access the service please visit Ayrshire Salus to refer online or call the Freephone number below.

Contact Information


Ayrshire Salus
Freephone: 0808 196 3919