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Our household waste recycling centres are provided to enable residents to dispose of their household waste and recycling. 

As the cost of waste disposal increases year on year, we have identified that some commercial traders are trying to access our recycling centres to dispose of their waste for free, with the vast majority of trade waste being delivered to recycling centres in commercial type vehicles such as vans (liveried and non liveried), pickups or vehicles with trailers attached.

We have a booking system for these vehicle types.

Commercial waste recycling permit

No commercial waste (landfill waste) is accepted at recycling centres, with commercial recyclate only accepted subject to a  commercial recycling permit being issued.

Booking system for commercial type vehicles

In addition to making a booking, all residents will be required to:

  • provide evidence of their personal identification to the site attendant when entering the sites, for example a driving licence, a recent utility bill or council tax bill
  • sign a household waste declaration form- obtained as part of the booking process

To book an appointment please call 01563 554033 (weekdays) or 0345 724 0000 (weekend).

Time allocation and inspection

As commercial type vehicles generally require longer time on site to deposit materials due to their size and load, access for these vehicle types will be restricted to 3 vehicles per 20 minute period.

This ensures congestion on site is minimised during peak visiting times, thereby improving health and safety considerations for all site users.

All wastes brought to the recycling centres remain subject to a visual inspection by site attendants. If waste is deemed to be commercial in nature access will be refused. In all cases, we reserve the right to undertake investigations regarding the provenance of any waste presented and to restrict access to its sites if false or inaccurate information is provided to our staff or via the online booking system.

Data protection

All personal data will be processed in line with Data Protection Principles and when no longer needed will be destroyed in line with East Ayrshire Council's Deletion and Disposal Guidance.

Questions and answers

Further information and examples of questions and answers can be found in our recycling centres access arrangements leaflet (PDF 200Kb).

Fly tipping

Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of any waste onto land. Fly tipping is illegal. Anyone caught fly tipping can be issued with a fixed penalty and/or be subject to prosecution.  In Scotland the main legislation can be found within the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Sections 33, 34 and 59.

More information can be found on our fly-tipping page and also via the Dump Dumpers website. 

Contact Information

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Telephone: 01563 554400