Recycling trolley - frequently asked questions

We hope that our frequently asked questions help answer your queries about the new recycling trolley system. Please get in touch with us if you can't find the answer you're looking for.  

The trolley will replace your blue bin and it will allow paper and card, plastics, cartons, cans and mixed glass to be collected weekly from your property, alongside food waste.

The trolley is made up of three parts:

  1. The top box is for paper and card and has a lid which is fastened by a lock.
  2. The middle box is for plastics, cartons and cans. Simply squash your empty containers and place into the box through the red flap.
  3. The bottom box is for mixed glass. Use the flap to place bottles and jars into the box.

On your collection day wheel the trolley to your normal collection point along with your food caddy, the food caddy can be hung over the recycling trolley handle.

You should not need to take the trolley apart.

The collection crew will empty your trolley and reconstruct it at the kerbside for you to wheel back to your property’s storage point.

We’ll leave your red and black boxes to use for any excess materials.

We recognise that some residents may no longer wish to keep their red and black boxes so we can uplift these. As our staff are currently busy with deliveries, we can't uplift boxes until mid-July. Please call 01563 554033 after Monday 16 July to arrange an uplift

Remember the trolley will be collected weekly, not four weekly, and it should give you enough space.

If you have large pieces of card for collection, simply fold flat and place alongside your recycling trolley.

We’ll also leave your black box and red box for any excess materials.

As this is a new system, we have provision for one trolley per household. If you regularly produce excess volumes of recyclate, get in touch and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

Following a successful funding bid to the Scottish Government, we were awarded funding to purchase a recycling trolley for every household in East Ayrshire.

East Ayrshire Council will be the first local authority to use the recycling trolley in Scotland.

The recycling trolley allows us to fully comply with the Scottish Government’s Household Recycling Charter for Scotland and associated Code of Practice. 

Yes, if we already help you with your wheeled bins and boxes, this service will automatically transfer to the recycling trolley.

If you have communal collection containers at your flats – large shared bins, you will not receive a recycling trolley, and your existing collection arrangements will continue.

If you have an individual blue bin, you will receive a recycling trolley.

We plan to deliver recycling trolleys to all households, except those flats with communal collection containers. However, please get in touch and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

Yes, you can. Simply place textiles, secured in a tied bag on top of your recycling trolley, or in your red or black box, which will be left with you, and the collection crew will uplift.

Household batteries should be secured in a bag and either be placed on top of the recycling trolley for collection, or the bag can be loosely tied to the recycling trolley handle.

WEEE can be placed out for collection in either your red box or black box.

Potentially yes – included within your letter issued in October 2018 was a reference to the changes we have made to collection rounds to ensure we are using our available resources to their full potential.

When the collections start for the 2018 season in March, your collection day may have changed – the collection calendar issued in early 2018 will detail your garden waste collection day.

The collections will still occur every four weeks from March to November each year.

Stop using the roll of liners and request a new roll by tying a liner to the handle of your trolley. All food liners have a shelf life, and the roll you're using may be too old. If you run out of liners, you can line your caddy with a newspaper until you receive a new roll from your crew. Please do not place food waste loose into the caddy as it won’t be emptied.
Ideally we’d ask that you flat-pack your card and only place it out for uplift on your collection day – keeping it as dry as possible. Alternatively, you can take flat-packed card to Recycling Centres or local recycling points. If this isn’t possible and the card gets very wet, we’ll do our best to uplift what we can.

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