All items of clothing, including shoes, can be secured in a bag and placed alongside your recycling trolley for collection. Clean, reusable shoes can be taken to either your local Recycling Point or Recycling Centre for recycling. Place into textile or dedicated shoe banks onsite. Tie laces together or secure pairs of shoes with an elastic band.

Scrap metals

Take these to your nearest Recycling Centre.


We can uplift your sink for a charge. Alternatively you can take it to your nearest Recycling Centre and deposit free of charge.

Soil and rubble

Domestic soil and rubble can be taken to the Recycling Centres. Do not place soil and rubble in either the garden waste or landfill bins.

Sweet wrappers

Please do not put sweet wrappers in your recycling trolley. These should be placed in your green bin (landfill).

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