Our Recycling Centres can’t take paint where the tins or tubs still have liquid paint in them. You would need to contact a specialist waste contractor. 

We will take tins or tubs where they are completely dried out. If there’s any residue you can either fill it with sand, or leave the lid off to dry it out. 

Plastics (household)

You can recycle mixed household plastics such as bottles, yogurt pots, butter and margarine containers in your recycling trolley (middle box). Additionally, plastics can be recycled at your nearest Recycling Centre or local Recycling Point.

If you have been issued with a red box, mixed household plastics can be recycled via the kerbside collection.

Plastic bags

Plastic bags cannot be recycled and should be placed within the green bin (landfill).


Polystyrene cannot at present be recycled. All polystyrene should be placed in your green bin (landfill).

Printer cartridges

There are many charities that now collect used print cartridges for recycling. A simple internet search will provide you with a list.

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