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If you’re ready to grow your business in East Ayrshire, our team can help you to create a growth strategy to reach your business ambitions.

Your business advisor will work closely with you to produce a growth strategy to meet your specific needs and recognise your business objectives.

We’ll position you with specialists within your business area to assist you in developing your plans for growth. These experts will support you with advice around various areas of business. The growth team have access to various funds that aim to support businesses achieve their full potential.

Areas of potential support include:

  • improving and applying a digital approach to innovation
  • enhancing client and supplier communications and systems
  • raising business capacity and readiness to assess your funding requirements, manage new funding and become investor ready

Contact Information


Business Support
Opera House
8 John Finnie Street
Telephone(Ayrshire Business Support Helpline): 0330 678 1611