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The premises licence is a single form of licence for premises that sell alcohol. Each premise will require to have a named premises manager, whose details will be given in the premises licence. The named premises manager must be a personal licence holder.

A named premises manager cannot be the premises manager for more than one premise at a time. Each premise can have more than one personal licence holder should they wish, but only one can be designated as the premises manager.

The named premises manager will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the premises; the training and supervising of the staff and ensuring that the premises are run in accordance with the requirements of the licence. It is therefore important to have one responsible person who will require to be knowledgeable of the law and experienced in the supervision and training of staff and suitably qualified. The designated premises manager will be held responsible by the Licensing Board.

A premises licence will have an indefinite duration, however, it may be varied, suspended or revoked where a Board decides to hold a review.

Any person, other than an individual under the age of 18, may apply to the Board for a premises licence.

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