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The agreement

This agreement sets out the terms and conditions of East Ayrshire Council’s Chargeable Garden Waste Collection Service. By agreeing to pay for the service you will be accepting these terms and conditions.

In these conditions:

“Council” means East Ayrshire Council

“Customer” means the person to whom Garden Waste Collection Service is provided in respect of their request for the service received by the Council


The Chargeable Garden Waste Collection Service applies to council tax rated domestic premises only.

Only Customers assigned to a Council garden waste bin collection route are eligible to apply to the Chargeable Garden Waste Collection Service.  

In order to access this service, the Customer should already have a garden waste container/bio sacks or is required to obtain a garden waste container or bio sacks. These should be obtained prior to entering this contract. Please note that delivery can take up to 10 days. The Council will not be held accountable for any missed collection while the Customer waits for a bin to be delivered.

Customers must have adequate storage space for bins within the curtilage of their property and be able to accommodate bins at all times.  

Customers who, due to their age or disability, are unable to present their own bins and have no other means of support to do this, are eligible to receive the Council’s Assisted Collection service. This means that the Council will collect bins/sacks from within your property.

Customers should be aware that this permit is non-refundable.

Wheeled bin presentation

If the Customer doesn’t already have a garden waste container or bio sacks then the Council shall provide to the Customer a wheeled garden waste bin, for the Customer to contain their garden waste or alternatively a supply of bio sacks. Where either garden waste is deposited in the garden waste bin or bio sacks, a permit is required.

Wheeled bins/bio sacks must be presented to the agreed uplift point by 6.30am on the designated collection day. All wheeled bins must be presented with the lid fully closed. Wheeled bins/bio sacks which are overfilled and/or excessively heavy will not be uplifted. The Council shall have no responsibility for the uplift of excess waste presented beside the wheeled bin.

Wheeled bins/bio sacks that are presented after 6.30am, and are missed, will not be lifted by the Council until the next scheduled collection day. Alternatively, the Council may agree to collect them, for a fee, as a special uplift. In the event that the Customer agrees to pay the additional uplift fee, it will remain at the discretion of the Council when the collection will take place.

Only wheeled bins/bio sacks supplied by or approved by the Council will be emptied by the Council.

The bin remains the property of East Ayrshire Council and should not be removed from the property.

The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the permit they are issued with is applied correctly to the garden waste bin, as per the instructions provided with the permit.

Permits are issued detailing the individual property information. They are transferrable if you move house - please contact us via or by calling 01563 554400 (option 6) to cancel your permit at your previous address and arrange for a replacement permit for your new address.

The Council has no obligation under this Contract to empty bins/uplift sacks where they do not comply with these conditions.

Missed collections

Collection errors or other conditions beyond the Council’s control can result in service disruption or missed collections. The Council shall not be liable to the Customer for failure to perform services, however in such circumstances the Council will aim to collect (normally within two to four working days) from the original collection date, subject to the Customer contacting the Council via your customer account at Our East Ayrshire.

The Customer should leave their wheeled bin/sacks out at the kerbside for 48 hours after the time of normal collection and the Council will endeavour to return and empty the bin/uplift bio sacks.

If wheeled bins/bio sacks are not collected within this time, Customers are advised to please return them to their regular storage area and re-present them on the next scheduled collection day for uplift, conditions permitting.

If the contents of wheeled bins are not uplifted due to waste being tightly lodged or frozen, the contents will not be collected until the next scheduled collection day. The Customer must ensure that the waste is freed or dislodged before re-presenting.

The Customer must ensure that the passageway to their wheeled bins is kept clear of snow and ice or other hazards. If wheeled bins are inaccessible, or the passageway is determined as having the potential to cause risk or harm to the health of Council employees, then the waste will not be collected and the Customer shall be required to ensure that the hazards are removed or conditions improved before the next scheduled collection.

Security, cleanliness, maintenance and ownership of wheeled bins

The Customer is responsible for the security of their wheeled bins, and for ensuring that wheeled bins are maintained in a clean and hygienic condition.  

The Customer shall have responsibility for reporting any maintenance, including minor repairs such as broken wheels and lids. The Council, on request, will repair or replace damaged bins.

On request, bins that are stolen or damaged during collection will be replaced free of charge and the Garden Waste Permit will be re-issued. Where a bin is damaged through negligence, the Customer will be liable for the cost of replacement.

Bin deliveries can take up to 10 days, and no refunds will be available for any collections missed while waiting for a new bin to be delivered.

Contamination of recycling bins or non-permitted waste

The Council reserves the right not to lift wheeled bins that are:

  • suspected of containing incorrect materials
  • of excessive weight
  • in a dangerous condition
  • which may be detrimental to the health and safety of its staff

It shall be solely for the Council to determine if any bin meets any of the above criteria.

No materials, other than those specified by the Council, will be accepted in the garden waste wheeled bins/bio sacks. Full details of accepted items are available on our brown bin page or by contacting us via your customer account at Our East Ayrshire.

Plastic bags or liners should not be used in the garden waste bin.

The Council reserves the right not to uplift contaminated bins/bio sacks.

The Customer shall be responsible for the waste and recycling that is contained in their bins and will be required to make arrangements to remove any contamination identified. Should the Customer do so, the wheeled bin will be collected on the next scheduled collection day.

The Council does not take any responsibility for contaminated bins and the Customer shall indemnify the Council in respect of all costs, charges, expenses and liabilities that arise out of any bin which is contaminated by the Customer (or any third party).

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