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Information about the opening day timings and access for the William McIlvanney Campus on Wednesday 18 April 2018.

Please note that entrance on the first day only, for all children and young people and parents/carers, will be through the main door entrance on Sutherland Drive.

Opening day timings

Times and details


Kilmarnock Academy


James Hamilton Early Years (including Sgoil na Coille Nuaidh)

Parents/carers are asked to bring children into the Centre, via the Early Childhood Centre's door entrance at Sutherland Drive.

  • AM session 9-11.40am
  • PM session 12.30-3.10pm

Where parents have children in both Early Years and Primary School facilities will be made available for children to be escorted to and from the Primary facility at the start and end of each day.


Sgoil na Coille Nuaidh - Primary 1-7


James Hamilton - Primary 4-7


James Hamilton - Primary 1-3

At lunch time and close of day and every day following this, all Primary pupils will be released into the playground leading to McNaughton Drive and can be collected from there, should this be required.

From Thursday 19 April, normal school times will apply

Times and details


Kilmarnock Academy, enter through Sutherland Drive entrance


James Hamilton - all Early Years (including Sgoil na Coille Nuaidh) enter through Sutherland Drive

  • AM session 8.40-11.50am
  • PM session 12.30-3.40pm


James Hamilton - all Primary pupils enter through McNaughton Drive


Sgoil na Coille Nuaidh - all pupils, enter through McNaughton Drive

Open day 

An open day will also be arranged shortly, offering parents/carers the opportunity to tour the new campus and to see the facilities available to your child.

School transport arrangements

The current arrangements for all school coach travel for pupils travelling from Onthank Primary School catchment will remain in place, with the drop off and pick up at the coach bays in Sutherland Drive. Additional subsidised transport is available for children attending Kilmarnock Academy from the Whatriggs Primary catchment.

Pupils who travel by taxi or people carrier to the campus via Additional Support Needs or attending Gaelic, will be dropped off and collected at the zoned parking areas within the campus.

We would ask that all drivers respect the defined areas for school transport.

Travel to the campus

Whenever possible, children should travel by scooter, bike or walk with the map identifying the most convenient route to and from school.

Map of travel routes, crossings and drop-off areas

Download a map of travel routes, crossings and drop-off areas at the William McIlvanney Campus

Park and stride

The Campus will be promoting a 'Park and Stride' policy - this means driving part of the journey and walking the last 5 or 10 minutes - this keeps cars well away from the residential roads around the school.

There are three Park and Stride areas with zebra crossings at MacKellar Place and MacFarlane Drive which lead to the footpaths allowing access to the school campus.

Grassyards Road has also been widened to improve traffic flow. Suggested traffic routes and drop off points are indicated on the map.

Parking and drop-off

If a car is essential for the journey, parking or drop-off should not take place in the immediate area around the campus – this reduces visibility for drivers and pedestrians and puts those travelling on foot, by bike or by scooter at risk.

Please observe traffic management measures and be mindful and respectful of local residents.

Entrance to the school should be kept clear at all times for emergency vehicles. 

Puffin crossings

Three new puffin crossings will be installed at London Road at Melville Street, Holehouse Road at Melville Street and Grassyards Road south of Lindsay Drive. School Crossing Patrol locations are also indicated on the map.

Contact Information


Education Service
Council Headquarters
London Road
Telephone (General Enquiries): 07551 280834 or
Telephone (General Enquiries): 07721 857059 or
Telephone (General Enquiries): 07392 864105
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